Top 5 Reasons for Divorce in India

Nowdays the divorce rate is increasing day by day in India and here we have mention the Top 5 reasons for Divorce in India. If you are always suffering from your marriage life and wants a divorce. Then contact our best lawyers in Delhi that help you in your divorce case.

Top 5 Reasons Why Divorce Rate is increasing in India

1.Saas-Bahu Drama:

The first top reasons for divorce is couple marriage life affected many times due to Mother in law and sister in law. The majority of the recently married women do not know how to cook meals or even when she knows she does not find time to make it because of her office work which her mother-in-law does not enjoy & start the drama.

Sometimes it’s been discovered that the behaviour of mother-in-law is not great & she’s a really short-tempered or dominating woman. Sometimes husband mother creates a feeling of insecurity following the marriage of the son their daughter-in-law will grab her son out of her a day which contributes to a sense of bitterness in mother-in-law & she begins behaving negatively along with her daughter-in-law.

During these Dramas usually, the daughter-in-law goes straight back into her parent’s home and begins forcing her husband to begin living separately from his parents as fast as possible, and then she will return to live with her.

If the husband goes according to his mother then chances increase to affect their married life or their marriage life will end. If the husband doesn’t want any problem in his married life then he has to go according to his wife. Such conditions are a large issue for many Indian guys.

In these circumstances, some guys do not wish to leave their parents due to the health conditions of parents. After separating from his parents who take care of their parent’s health etc. If you are facing the same issue dont hesitate to call best lawyers in delhi.

2.Forcefully marriage:

Inter-caste marriages are gaining social approval. The second top reasons for divorce in our nation is, if a boy or a girl love from different cast of girl or boys their parents never allowed to married with her. Parents pressure the boy or girl marriage with another person. But these types of marriage never succeed and couples want divorce after sometimes of marriage.


The third top reason for Divorce is the majority of women complain that guys give a deaf ear to their opinions and feelings, whereas the vast majority of guys blame nagging as the significant cause of bad communication with their spouse.

From the traditional marital setup, both spouses made a decision to remain subservient, playing an essential role in the sustenance of marriage life. But now, the couples wind up in ego clashes, either of these vying for an equivalent footing instead of mutually clarifying their worries.

4.Lacking commitment:

The fourth top reasons for divorce are social networking, dating sites, or dating apps live-in relationships. The current generation has lots of alternatives to choose a new spouse and bid adieu to the prior one.

During the time of dating they commit many things but after the marriage, they don’t care about spouses. Few commitments they fulfil due to the lack of time. In some cases, due to the financial crisis, they fulfil some commitments that are the top reason a couple wants a divorce.

5.Interference of Girls Parents:

The fifth top reason is nowadays the new bride has a lack of patience. When some problems are generated in their house instead of dealing with the problem they contact their parent’s on-call or whatsapp. And their parents give wrong advice and they follow their instruction which enhances disturbance in married life.

Top 5 Reasons for Divorce in India

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