How Much Criminal Lawyers Make

How Much Criminal Lawyers Make Per Annum in India?

If you are wondering how much criminal lawyers make per annum in India? Then, you are not alone. Attorneys make a substantial amount of money, but it varies depending on their experience and location. The salary may also vary based on the type of case they handle and the client they represent. Criminal law can be a lucrative field for advocates who are passionate about defending their clients’ rights and pursuing justice.

How Much Do Criminal Lawyers Make Per Annum in India?

The salary of a criminal lawyer in India varies based on experience, location, and case type. On average, they earn INR 3-15 lakhs per annum, but highly experienced and specialized lawyers can earn more. However, individual circumstances and market demand can greatly impact salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for experienced defense lawyers is approximately ₹10 – ₹15lakh per year in India.

Factors Affecting Salary

Criminal defense advocates pay depends on their experience level, location and demand for them in the area they work in; larger firms offer higher salaries to attract experienced attorneys. Specialization and reputation also affect their earnings; experts in a particular type of criminal case or litigation earn more. By specializing in tax law or intellectual property rights, they can increase base salary. Defense lawyers can make ₹10-₹15 lakhs per annum depending on circumstances.

Best criminal lawyers in Delhi working on high-profile cases or specializing in tax and intellectual property law earn more than others cases. In summary, Attorneys can earn an annual salary ranging from lakhs to mid-career levels.

Legal Advice

Experienced attorneys provide legal advice and representation for clients facing legal issues. They protect their client’s legal rights while navigating through the complicated legal system. Law firms charge an average annual salary of Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh based on years of experience and specialization in areas such as cyber law or tax law. Criminal defense lawyers with LLB degrees earn an average base salary of Rs.3 to 12 lakh per year while mid-career private practice lawyers with Juris Doctor degrees earn an average annual salary of over Rs.38 lakh.

What is the Role of a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyers defend individuals accused of a crime by providing legal advice, representing them in court, and negotiating plea bargains. They investigate the case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a defense strategy while safeguarding their client’s rights during the legal process.

Types of Criminal Lawyers in India

Attorneys make up various categories of legal professionals specializing in criminal law in India. Public Prosecutors represent the state and prosecute criminal cases while defense lawyers handle individuals accused of a crime. Private prosecutors are hired by individuals or corporations to prosecute cases. Legal Aid Lawyers offer legal support to those unable to afford it. Specialized attorneys focus on specific areas such as white-collar crime, cybercrime, or drug offenses.

Specializations in Criminal Law

When it comes to Specializations in Criminal Law, there are various areas that attorneys can specialize in, such as white-collar crimes, drug offenses, or domestic violence cases. Moreover, some lawyers can also focus on appellate work and represent clients who are appealing a conviction or sentence. It is crucial to select an experienced and skilled defense lawyer with expertise in the specific area of law that your case involves.

Work Environment

Lawyers have varied work environments based on their employers and types of practice. Lawyers specializing in criminal defense may choose between private law firms or government agencies like public prosecutors’ or defenders’ offices. They could also work in non-profit organizations that provide free legal services to low-income individuals.

To become a criminal lawyer in India, one must graduate from law school and pass the bar exam. Additional qualifications such as years of experience or specialization in areas like intellectual property rights or tax law can help increase base salary and average annual earnings.

Travel Requirements

Attorneys are often required to travel frequently to fulfill their obligations. They may need to attend meetings with clients or witnesses, conduct investigations, and appear in courts across different jurisdictions. The extent of travel requirements varies depending on a lawyer’s caseload and area of expertise. Attorneys must be well-versed in criminal law, have years of experience, and hold a law degree from an accredited institution.


Criminal lawyers can work in different settings and workplaces such as private law firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Private law firms can provide higher salaries but demand long hours and high-pressure environments. On the other hand, government agencies like the Public Defender’s Office offer more stable conditions and better work-life balance. Non-profit organizations are ideal for those interested in social justice issues or pro bono cases.

Presence in Geographical Areas

Attorneys have a varied geographical presence in India, working across different settings such as private law firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Their demand is linked to the geographic location, with urban areas presenting more opportunities due to higher crime rates and larger populations. Rural areas offer less competition but limited job prospects. To maximize earnings, some criminal lawyers specialize in specific cases or crimes they represent. It influences their pay and work environment based on specialization level, years of experience, litigation expertise, and education.


Career as a criminal lawyer can be highly rewarding and lucrative. However, the salary of a adviocate in India depends on various factors such as experience, employer type, and location of practice. It is important to note that while money is an important consideration, it should not be the sole factor when choosing a career path. Attorneys have the power to change people’s lives by representing them in court and providing them with legal advice. If you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal law or need legal advice, contact our team of expert lawyers today.

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