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What is a Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a contract between landlord and tenant that specifies what rent the tenant will pay each month and how long. Some people find lease agreements intimidating, as many contracts can be confusing. It is possible to avoid any unnecessary disputes or spending after the lease ends.

The Transfer of Property Act Section 105 defines a lease as the transfer of a right of claim to property, land, or estate for a specific period of time or in perpetuity. A lease is a contract that covers the payment or agreement of a certain amount, a share in commodities (or other forms of supplies), and any valuable return. The leaseholder can redeem this share at any time or on a specific occasion. To understand “lease”, it is important to first comprehend the following terms:

  • The property will be transferred to the lessee by the lessor, the lease provider (property owners).
  • Lessee is the lease holder who has the rights to use and possess the property under contract from the Lessor
  • The duration is the time that the lessee has the property rights. Also known as “duration”, it is the length of the lease.

Rent or premium or is the amount required to permit the right to use and utilize the estate. It can be paid either periodically or one-time (according the agreement). This rent is also payable in periodic payments.

A Legal, Binding Document

The lease deed online governs the landlord’s and tenant’s rights and responsibilities during the term. If there are any legal proceedings between the landlord or tenant, the lease agreement will serve as a binding legal contract. A landlord can enforce the lease against multiple tenants if the need arises.

Verbal Lease Agreements

Although most lease agreements are written, verbal agreements can also be enforced orally. However, not all states permit verbal residential lease agreement and commercial agreements in every state. Renter who sign verbal residential lease agreements are protected under the tenants-rights laws in every state. Because of the complexity of commercial leases, it is nearly impossible to prove verbal agreements in court.

Key Contents in a Lease Deed In India

These are some important provisions to be included in any lease agreement in India.

Sample of Lease Deed Online

Lease Deed Online

Description of Property

Duration: The agreement of lease must clearly indicate the period for which the lease will remain valid. If the parties wish to continue with their contract, this provision may also contain information regarding the renewal of the lease deed.

Rent, Maintenance and Security: The lease agreement must specify the payment method, rent amount, interest for late payment, security deposit, due dates etc.

Termination of Lease: The lease must be terminated by the deed. This could include breaches of the lease, problems created by the renter, unwanted activities on the property, failure or payment of rent etc.

Subletting: The lease agreement must contain information regarding if anything things appear the renter can sublet the property.

Dispute Resolution: It is important to mention in the deed the circumstances in which the legal dispute between the parties arises from breach of the agreement, and the manner it will be resolved. It could include ADR processes such as Arbitration.

Applicable Laws: This provision will state that both parties are subject to the applicable laws and which court has the authority to decide these cases.

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