What is Cheque Bounce/Dishonor of Cheque?

In the case of cheque bounce or dishonor of cheque, happens when the cheque that is introduced to the bank for installment, is returned back one or the other because of inadequate amount in the bank record or the mark on the cheque doesn’t coordinate with the approver’s signature or some other explanation, in this kind of situation its better to consult with the cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi. In India, cheque bounce is viewed as an illegitimate offense and the law controlling the offense, is segment 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881.

Explanations behind Check Bounce

cheque bounce

Following are the reasons why a check is ricocheted or dishonor:

  1. Lacking assets in the bank account of the individual giving the cheque.
  2. Signature not matching as per the bank records.
  3. Post-dated cheque for example the date referenced on the check is yet to come
  4. Old cheque for example the cheque is introduced to the bank 3 months after the cheque was given.
  5. At the point when the installment is halted if the account holder requests that the bank to stop the installment and not to pay for cheque previously gave.
  6. Distinction in sum in words and number.
  7. Deformed or Damaged registration cheque will be dishonored in the event that it is torn, harmed or not in a decent condition or has a few subtleties not plainly obvious.

What happens when a Cheque is dishonored?

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After the cheque is dishonored, the bank offers ‘check return memo’ to payee expressing why the cheque has been bounced. The cheque can be resubmitted by the payee on the second chance that he accepts that it will be regarded the subsequent time. On the second chance if the cheque is dishonored once more, at that point the payee can arraign the drawer legally by approaching cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi.

Legitimate Remedies accessible in a Check Bounce case?


Legal Notice

Prior to documenting a suit against the drawer, a legitimate notification/request letter should be shipped off him. The notification should be sent inside 30 days from the date on which the bank restores the cheque alongside the data that the cheque is dishonored.

You can take help from a legal advisor to draft the lawful notification in such a case.

Record a complaint in the court

On the second chance if the drawer doesn’t make the installment inside 15 days from the date on which the notification has been shipped off him, at that point the payee can start lawful activity against such individual inside 30 days from the date of expiry of the 15 days’ time frame gave to the drawer.

Reports Required

You should basically have the accompanying reports when recording a grumbling of cheque bounce case:

  1. Unique Cheque
  2. Cheque return memo
  3. Duplicate of the lawful notification shipped off the drawer requesting the installment of cash
  4. Copy of Attorney endorsed by the complainant
  5. Evidence proof in the form of Affidavit

Answer to the Legal Notice by Cheque Bounce Lawyers

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In case if you get a lawful notification for installment of cash in a cheque bounce case, at that point you need to send a reply to such notification inside 15 days from the date on which the notification has been gotten. Alongside the notification, you should likewise send a cheque for the payee of similar sum just like the past cheque.

The answer should likewise determine the explanation behind the dishonor of the cheque. On the second chance if the answer isn’t made inside the specified time-frame, at that point a lawful activity will be started against you.

Nonetheless, on the second chance if you don’t have an exceptional obligation against the individual who has sent the notification, at that point you should specify the equivalent and reasonable answer in the reply to the notification, which is to be sent inside 15 days.

You can generally take help of a cheque bounce lawyers in Delhi who is a specialist in this field


  1. a) Advise and interview from our best lawyers in Delhi (legal consultant) on a 20-minute call
  2. b) Draft of Legal Notice. The Attorney/Lawyer will share the draft of the legitimate notification for your endorsement.
  3. c) Dispatch of Legal Notice. When the notification is settled after your endorsement the Attorney/Lawyer will dispatch the lawful notification through enrolled post and offer the following number.


  1. a) Filing of any case post conveying the legal notification is excluded from this help.

You May Also Want To Know

  1. What is the discipline in a check bounce case?

The greatest discipline that can be granted to the blamed in a check bounce case is 3 years of detainment alongside fine that can expand up to twofold the check sum amount.

  1. How long after the notification has been served would I be able to record a case of evidence against the drawer?

A case under section of 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 can be recorded inside 30 days from the date of expiry of 15 days’ time frame from which the notification has been served to the drawer, for example 45 days from the date on which notice has been served.

  1. How would I be able to respond if the ideal opportunity for recording a case under section of 138 terminates?

If the ideal opportunity for registering a case under section 138 N.I Act is lapsed, at that point another cure accessible in such a case is to record an outline suit for recuperation of cash or start criminal procedures under segment 420 of IPC against the drawer inside a long time from the date on which the cheque is given.

  1. What is a summary suit for recuperation of money?

Summary suit is a civil legitimate proceeding started for recuperation of money due under any composed arrangement, cheque and so on. These procedures are not the same as expected to recovery suit, as here the obligation to demonstrate that applicant isn’t subject to recuperate any sum amount is on litigant for which he needs to acquire leave to guard from the court.

  1. What would I be able to do on the second term if I don’t have the foggiest idea about the drawer’s location?

You need to know to address of the drawer for serving lawful notification to him, on the second term that you don’t have any data with respect to his present location then you can serve the lawful notification to the last known location.

  1. What is the normal time wherein a cheque bounce case is settled?

The normal time which takes in a cheque bounce case relies upon the locale court you are recording your case previously. The case burden and foundation a court has, are components to consider. If you hire best Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Delhi a cheque bounce case will reasonably take you somewhere in the range of 1 to 2.5 years to finish up.

  1. Which court would it be advisable for me to approach for registering a check bounce case?

As per the Negotiable Instrument (Amendment) Act, 2015, a check bounce case can be recorded in a court inside whose nearby restriction of ward is the bank to which the check is introduced is arranged.

  1. Would I be able to recuperate revenue and legitimate costs from the drawer of the bounced cheque?

Indeed, you can recuperate revenue and lawful costs from the drawer of the bounced cheque in a recovery suit for recuperation of sum amount, however not in the procedures started under Section 138 N.I. Act. Be that as it may, under Section 138 N.I. Act the honor might be higher than the cheque sum.