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Central Government Vs Farmer Protestors

Central Government Vs Farmer Protesters

The Government is inflicting atrocities on the Indian Farmers; They are sucking the blood of poor farmers and workers in the name of betterment and taxes; Our people are discriminated against in every way; farmers are being treated inhumanly at public places; Offices and parks; the starvation and epidemics have deprived the country of its prosperity; and the government is alone responsible for all this malaise. Its policies have only degraded the system. In My view, there can be no greater sinful government system, the soul of India does not approve the part of the very system.

It cannot be overlooked that the Indian system has become a part of the unjust, atrocious, oppressive, and cruel system. The only question that stands tall before us is: should we give up all ideals and principles and devote our lives to the Indian farmers or should we give up everything in order to devote ourselves to the service of the country and society. At this moment It is felt that the path of renunciation and service is the most adequate. This decision of ours will trouble everyone and the dreams of the Central Government will be shattered.

“Suffering and renunciation- these two are the pillars of “REAL SWARAJ” and a free and strong nation is built on them. If we are ready to dedicate ourselves to this cause, nothing can prevent transforming the abstract concepts of freedom and concrete reality. Today the country requires the youth from every family, the one who could dedicate himself to the motherland.

This will amount to insurmountable, hard work, poverty, and starvation but the farmers are ready to bear with all that. They do not want themselves to symbolize as slaves of the disgusting system of the Central Government of India. The new farmer’s law must require amendments.

The Government should listen to the demands and the problems of the poor farmers and should look after the resolution, many meetings held and been organized as well, but nothing is coming out from the box of the Central Government.

The central Government and Farmer protesters are adamant about their demands but one must bow to the federal citizens of India. The Countrymen along with the Economy are suffering because of this Protest. One should be lenient towards the harmony of the poor citizens (whomsoever the government or the farmer protesters).

The situation has gone so uncontrolled that the Supreme Court of India directly intervened in the matter and the Best Lawyers in Delhi are defending the case, the Supreme Court of India  is asking the same from the Government and from the farmer protesters.

The goal is yet to achieve, no doubt but this is not the destination, the final destination goal is to re-establish Indian glory.

To assure that the coming time will assign the responsibility of leading the new age because of the farmers of India, deep meditation and conversation are required in order to accumulate energy within thyself, the politeness is not a deception, nor did it lack any power to struggle, but to achieve the seldom, the Central Government Of India and the Farmer Protesters must be ready to give up all the politics and personal vendetta for this thorny path of the renaissance.

The goal is not to cripple the government or Farmer protesters or reforming the government but to stop the government and the farmer’s protesters from implementing the unnecessary bills and oppressive laws and to stop them from playing the political cards, which are the main causes of the eruption of corruption between so-called bureaucrats, democrats, and the politicians.

To achieve the path, to conceive is fasting, demonstrations, strikes, prayer meetings, and if required all should make efforts themselves because no external power can help India selflessly. It cannot be done overnight but it maybe starts by implementing brick by brick which will take time and one day “Harmony for farmers” will come.


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