Best Divorce lawyers in Delhi are working out throughout every corner of Delhi to provide you with a hassle-free solution to all divorce litigation. There are plenty of options to choose from the top-ranking list of lawyers working in Delhi. But we are here with a group of highly educated and trained professionals, dealing with divorce cases with the utmost expertise and dedication.

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Best Divorce Lawyers in Delhi- Services Available in Our Firm

Be it any strata of complication, our licensed best divorce lawyers in Delhi make an easy and practical solution to all your problems. There are several variations of divorce scenarios. What we deal with are listed below:

  • Filing a divorce
  • Finding the best-suited lawyer for the case
  • Domestic clashes
  • Adultery Petition
  • Mutual separation
  • Custody of children
  • Property Settlement after divorce
  • Monetary settlement after divorce
  • NRI divorce
  • Non-consent divorce
  • Adoption
  • Physical abuse in marriage
  • Divorce Advice

We are a team of the best lawyers in Delhi providing these huge options of solutions to your unsuccessful marriage. The prime focus of our firm is to provide you with the best solution irrespective of your caste, gender, religion, and financial stability. We work on the basis of the truth, of which we have proof to justify the same. This ensures nothing but justice to the deserving.

The Required Steps to Get a Divorce Filed and Get Separation

The very essential steps to filing a divorce are:

  • The first step towards a divorce is to file a petition with the legit reason for the divorce and with supporting documents to prove the existence of the marriage and settlements.
  • The person who files the divorce is termed the petitioner after filing a divorce, a legal divorce notice is sent to the other party.
  • Both the petitioner and the opposite party are called to attend a session in the court, which basically helps the acting divorce lawyer to study the opposite party‚Äôs version.
  • The family court then calls for a reconciliation session for the concerned couple. In many instances, the reconciliation session works on a positive note and the case is dissolved from both ends. When the reconciliation session does not work well, the family court heads towards further proceedings.
  • The other party has to submit a statement of defense in the court, in reply to which the petitioner needs to submit his reply or denial in the court.
  • The court determines the settlement amount and processes after these have been done.
  • Both parties have to submit enough evidence and documents that can be concerned legitimate on legal grounds. The evidence should be able to justify the issue claimed by the petitioner. The other party if denies the allegation, has to submit documents potentially enough to rule over the allegation.
  • Once the matter is completely decoded by the court, the final arguments and discussions if any, are done in the court in the presence of the judiciary.

After all the sessions, it is the court who will decide whether to permit the divorce or nullify the case. According to our past record, we have won all the cases and that is the reason we are one of the best divorce lawyers in Delhi.

How our Lawyers Help You do Their Best for Mutual Divorce?

In our firm, we have a network of top-ranked best divorce lawyers in Delhi who are specialized in various sectors of divorce like Mutual Divorce, Online Divorce and Legal counseling, NRI divorces, and other critical scenarios. You can reach us from either online or offline means of communication. You can either fill in the query form to get all types of answers to any doubt regarding your marriage. You can also call us for lawyers for mutual divorce at the provided number or reach us directly at our regional office during office hours.

Entangle all the knots of truth in your marriage with patience, politeness, and success with our service.